Tossing it Tuesday

I am going to give you a glimpse into a trip to California for our sons USMC boot camp graduation.  Lots of pictures will be in future posts.  This trip will take at least 4 posts, if not a few more!

His best friend arrives the night before we are set to leave.  Did I mention that we will leave somewhere between 4 and 5 AM?  That is before the sun comes up here in Texas! This is a Monday night.  We are set to be in California Tuesday night to start adventuring on Wednesday morning.  Going by Google Maps, this adventure is about 17 hours…..TWENTY THREE HOURS LATER, WE MADE IT!

      Hotels never looked so good!

Back to my story, Our sweet daughter and her family arrive around midnight.  YES, I said MIDNIGHT.  Did I mention we would leave between 4&5AM on Tuesday morning?  The grand is waking despite our efforts to be quiet and gentle so he can go back to sleep for a few hours, we hope.  Later that morning we will stick him in the van for a car seat ride that will prove he, and most of us, will be in therapy in the future !!!! 😉

Time out…..Let’s back track for a moment and go over a list of what should have been packed PER PERSON:
This list was given to each person capable of packing for themselves.
1. Day clothing for 3 days, goal is to wash every 3rd day
2. Swim suits
3. Night clothing, ONLY 1.  You pee, you sleep in undies!
4. Baby/comfort item for each little AND a blanket
5. Busy bag …provided by our amazing OT and her family
6. Snacks…we all know that I hate stopping every 5 minutes! Plus the cost for 12…AHHH
7. Hygiene items….Toothbrush, shampoo, toothpaste, soap, feminine products, make up, deodorant, razors, hair brushes, hair ties and bows, floss sticks…you get the picture!
8. Shoes ….this is about 2 pair PER PERSON.  1 cute pair, 1 practical pair that slides on easy.
9. Under garments for 3 days.  Littles get 5 days worth!!!  They piddle still!  Can’t stink when you see bubba for the first time in over 90 days!
I told older kids…you get a checked bag and a carry on each!  That is it!!!  There is only so much space in the people mover!!!!!!!  BTW….Checked bags are “body bags” from this point on.  They were wrapped in black trash bags JUST in case it rained on this adventure!

Now let me give you a bit of insight to our DRIVING arrangements over the next week…….
1 Full size van that the manual SAYS seats 15.  7 car seats with 5 point harnesses, 13 people going west (14 coming east), luggage for said 13 people ( adding Marine and his luggage on grad day).
It looks a little bit like this:
That is 3 car seats in the 4th row that has 4 seat belts, but we have never figured out how to get 4 butts and 4 sets of legs back there????  This row holds all the little boys.
Next row, 3rd row, holds the 3 little girls and their car seats.
The 2nd row holds grand, his mom and daddy.
Now we are close to the front with the 1st row and the most leg room for the “rows”.  It holds 2 teenagers, one mine and one is my dear friends that she allows to go on this trip because he is my son’s best friend.
Then of course there momma is driving the first bit and daddy co-piloting this disaster, I mean adventure! 😉

Now that the clown car has been explained, let’s get back to the first few hours of the adventure!
The house quiets down once again about 1am.  Momma’s anxiety is high and anticipation for the challenges ahead that she can not control!!!!!!!  Sleep is a true JOKE at this point. 3am the alarm starts singing.  The honest side of me was ready to toss the towel and we hadn’t even started but  I am finally up by 3:30am.

Everyone is up and we are ON TIME pulling out!!!!! 13 people and ON TIME, America should be scared!

Now, did I mention that my eye sight is a bit on the “should be reconsidered” side for night time driving? Remember, our sun is not up yet and we are headed west.  It will be a while in the dark. SOME places, VERY DARK!  Like need brighter headlights DARK! I did do well, as my grand’s dad told us. “She was great at hitting every road bump possible, RIGHT as we dose off,  EACH TIME!”.  I made sure that they wished they had flown by the end of the first hour! NOT ON PURPOSE!!! It is just how I drive on new roads.  That is my story and I am sticky to it!  The adventures into road construction and New Mexico……HOLY HELL!  Shortly after the sun came up, I asked the hubby to drive.  This was somewhere in New Mexico.

Join me next week as we adventure across New Mexico on Morning 1 of Cali trip!


Make it a great day!


Tossing it Tuesday! New adventures

I’M BACK!!!!!!

I know….almost two full years have passed and TONS of life. Yep, it is gone, now we focus on the new and happening.

A bit of a quick catch up……in short statements that will all be random! LOL

We have a new USMC grad at our house!  Yep, 2015 churned out some great memories!  Maybe, just maybe I will blurb about those as I get back to this outlet????  I will say that we all, 14 of us, survived the trip to California and back! HEHE

We officially closed our “foster” home in 2015.  We still dream of another little girl.  We also KNOW it would only be a GOD thing for it to ever happen.  God really is the only one to know what our future holds and the adventures within.

I had a hysterectomy last fall.  It was a God sent mercy to me!  I now can function 95% better.  Some days my ovaries think they are still in charge but I have discovered an oil blend that is AMAZING for me!

Our littles are growing fast and the youngest is potty training. Part of me rejoices, part of me screams…..WHERE DID MY BABY GO?????? =(

This Friday will mark 17 years since I gave birth to my last bio babe!  17 years!!!!!!
S E V E N T E E N years!!!!!  He walked in with his first pair of MAN BOOTS last night.  I almost balled!


More to come from JONESVILLE in the coming future!  I am SO ready to get back on this horse and ride it till God calls us home!

Make your Tuesday successful and happy like only you can!



Today, I will ramble about various illusions that I think people have about my family! Yes, I say ramble! I will touch several points that the outside world has expressed to me as their view of my family.

“You must be organized”
If only they looked at the pictures I post of Facebook! There are usually piles of something in the background! I envy those moms that hire out laundry. I have a love hate relationship with it. I love it to be free of wrinkles and smell fresh from the dryer. I HATE putting it up!!! I will wash, dry, fold and hang all day, but putting it up…..That HAS to be the magic bunny’s job! Oh that is right, we don’t have one! =(
There is nothing farther than the truth on “organized” in my office. Yes, I have an idea of where things are and how many we have. BUT really finding them, that could be an entire morning adventure! :o(

“You are so patient” HA
Did you see me at 8am when we are trying to get finished with breakfast, brush teeth and be at a 9am specialist on the OTHER side of town with over half the littles and no nanny???? That means that all 6 were 100% on mom time! Plus lining out the teenagers!
You would have choked on your words!!! I was barking out orders like a heartless drill Sargent!
*Get finished!
*Find your shoes!
*No, not those! The red ones! through clinched lips!
*Toothbrushes are ready, why are you not?
*Your shirt is on BACKWARDS again today, really?
*10 minute warning!
*Seriously child, chew your food so that you stomach can do something with it! There are no teeth in your tummy, you have to use the ones in your mouth.
*Why are you still sitting in your underroos?
*4 yr old melts down because a sibling, age 2, moved his toothbrush from HIS spot. This goes on for over 10 precious minutes and no reassuring or deep pressure in the world will help resolve the melt down till he is mentally ready to let this act just die! sigh!!!
*5 minutes and we are van bound. Finish up and let me know where I can help. As I search for the last med log, print a behavior sheet, brush my own teeth, make sure I have deodorant on for the A/C could be out in those tiny rooms with 8 of us in them.
*check a diaper on a screaming 2 yr old that thinks she should get to pee in the big potty that she is SCARED of!
Tell me where you saw Jesus in me????

“I could never do that you do with so many kids”
The honest and hateful part of me think, You are right! Yours are self centered brats! Yes, that also describes 2 of my children! My joke has always been that “I have NINE ONLY children”. For when hell breaks loose, they all think they are the only child in momma’s world! And rightly so, to an extent!
The mom heart of me says, “God really has high hopes and a great sense of humor about the task He has assigned to me!”
I have learned there are a lot of things I can not do with this many kids! BUT I have also learned there are a ton of things I can do with this many! Like group teach, my dream. Group dog piles! (Yes, we did these with just 3 kids too) It makes me use my time better, most days. No more just hours spent chatting on the phone with friends. NOW, we invite them over friends for a chat and playdate in the playyard! 🙂 EVEN BETTER!
No more single hotel rooms. I was the weirdo that always wanted to know what was on the other side of the adjourning door? Now it is my 2 teen boys and their 3 little brothers! Hopefully sleeping! 😉
No more $200 quick trips to Six Flags! That is pure fuel money this day in time. 😦
But I do have lots of littles to laugh at the smallest of things. Older kids that can run off with dad and enjoy big kid rides. We can finally get our money out of the endless soda refills! You know those $15 cups that come with ENDLESS refills all day and the soda only costs about $.20 a cup. We make them loose money on those now. 🙂 Eleven people getting a drink, it is GONE in one pass!

One of my biggest illusions that I would like to dispel is:
“You must be RICH with all those kids”
If I had a nickel for every time I heard that, I WOULD BE!
According to this website:
We live right in the poverty level for our family size! 😦
Yet, we do do many things with our children that families 1/3 our size & 3-4 times our income can do.
We make choices that trim out fat when we want to do things and we then we enjoy them while we are adventuring!
I am HUGE on living through my kids! Having them gives me a great excuse to go, see and do! They get the great benefits and so do I! 😀

This one is a pet peeve of mine:
“You have it all under CONTROL!”
Honey, do you REALLY think I have control over TEN (including the awesome husband) precious & very different personalities that God entrusted to me???? REALLY! SERIOUSLY! Have you ever been married?? Had children? That is a mere ILLUSION! Sometimes even the best magician fails to provide a good illusion!
I learned this about 4 1/2 yrs ago when I had 7 under age 3. Only one was potty training and that was questionable on bio family visit days!
I have ALWAYS struggle with this flesh desire anyway.
One day, my nanny was sick, I was trying to line out the older 2 on school and get the younger ones ready for the day.
The older two were feeding on the chaos and took the reigns! So, no school for them. I sent them off to their rooms so that I could get the littles changed, fed and ready…So I thought.
It was in the middle of the poop fest that I realized, “I have no control over the kids, but my reactions”. Yes, I can get all the diapers lined up and wipes ready. Clothes neatly ready for the assembly line. Toothbrushes pasted and set up. But I could not make the children cooperate or even be quiet!
So I had to focus on what I knew I could do. I could quietly (not my first instinct) get each child, one by one, through the process. We could snuggle and enjoy the moment or I could drill sargent through.
My square personality says, “It must stay in this box! It can not touch the sides and has to be this exact color.”
God often tells me there is life outside that box that I put around myself. That day, He showed me the illusion I had created for myself!
Some illusions are good to lift our spirits, but I had fallen into the illusion that I must be perfect! So not what God wanted for me! HE wanted me to enjoy my children! He wanted me to enjoy the life He so freely gave.
Now that was 4 1/2 yrs ago and I still struggle with control. Most days, I can catch myself when I start reeling like the fishing pole that is losing to the big fish on the other end. Sometimes, I just throw the damn pole in the water and change tasks! 😀 Yes, I said give up! Not my best moments, but God KNOWS exactly how many tasks I must let go of control so that I can learn to lean on HIM and not my EVER failing flesh.

To many, this is what they see when my WONDERFUL and AWESOME family gets out of my van (with the dent in the fender from a low blood sugar, bad space judgement call made by mom on a therapy day). I can so see how they “think” I have “control”.

One wonderfully dressed dad with a smile on his face getting the double stroller out of the back or a cart from cart land while mom, semi put together, gets youngest kids unbuckled and lined up at the inside of door. Mom is giving out her normal pre-teaching.
“We will not ask for things. We will not touch things. You will be in >>> (buggy, stroller, cart, walking, chair by XXX, what ever the circumstance). We will only use our inside voice. We will keep our not so nice words to ourselves. It might hurt someone’s feelings. Wait till we get back to the van and the doors are closed before you say something not nice. Chew with your mouth closed. No double dipping unless it is on your plate. Use your napkin, not your clothes.” and on and on per situation.

Then dad opens the door, mom jumps out with orders going. She is attempting this in a soft voice but it is drill orders, none the less.
“Stand on the yellow line please. You in the buggy.
We are are walking this way!
Can I have your eyes watching where those feet are taking you???”
The older boys come out. They grab a little to be a helper.
We shop or dine while others stare and make comments. Some are very encouraging! Others are just hateful. 😦
We look like a well organized family to the outside, but they did not see the above scenario about getting ready.
They see that God is capable of taking the mere sin filled human (me and my husband) to show HIS love, mercy and grace!
(They did not see dad getting upset because mom is CONSTANTLY talking and guiding children. He thinks they should know after the 42nd time today we have done this!)

They see kids that behave, most of the time. They see kids well dressed and semi-clean. Parents that are doing the best they can to allow them experiences they may have never been given.
They see older kids doing awesome with younger kids. They can see their love and compassion to these desperate and different little people.
(I have to go off on a mom heart moment here– There is nothing like being states away from home and having a little one melt down while parents are attempting to go to the bathroom and coming out and seeing your older boys doing deep pressure and using kind words to try to right a melting down sibling. That shows me we are doing something right in all that we do wrong!)

The above is the earthly illusion that they/man sees. “A well ran family”. Most days suck! Those that know us well, know I struggle trying to keep up with the illusion the world wants to see from us! Those that only see us for brief moments are sometimes intimidated by us. Sorry for them!

Contrary to many, I am not rich, patient, or in control of anything other than my own mind. Even my mind is questionable most days! 🙂
I am good at showing God’s fruits most days!
So the next time you see my family out or ANY large and adoptive family, remember, we are a family full of mistakes and doing the best we can at the moment.
We more than likely are late and someone had an accident while in route because they jumped out of the potty line and mom didn’t hear that part!

These were just some ramblings I have had locked in my head the last week!
Tell me what you are “tossing” this Tuesday!
Make it a good one!


I have processed many more boxes in the last 14 days than I have in over a year! Some are almost 40 years old. Some at older! Some are brand new. Some are yet to be discovered.

The most important one to this all, arrived this Saturday and has been sent out to be furthered evaluated. Hoping to have the results from that box in the coming weeks.
This box has so much at stake in it! Actual identities of boxes this little box has never really known. Once completely processed and revealed, I then have to decide what I will do with it?!

I hate these type boxes!
I like boxes that are fun and easy to process!!!!

I am thinking these are some of my options:
–choose to toss it all and resume my little life with fragile little boxes.
— embrace it, continue on and stop seeking more boxes.
— accept it and the new challenges it could bring.
Or some other kagillion thought processes running through my head? :/
One is to just sit and cry!!!!! 😦

There was several more sent in the last week. Some are just being refused without acknowledgement, much less open!

One box that arrived Saturday of the week before, I am really hoping to learn about its contents and maybe even develop a life long relationship with! It seemed like a really neat box! It had no return label! ;]  This box knows about the box being evaluated but remains content to the outside world.  That is my kind of box! :0)

The box that started all this, I guess that was me, I am really trying to figure out why and how it came to this?!
I truly thought I was looking for a few simple few boxes and it got extremely complicated SO fast!
It is amazing how ONE box’s contents can send a fragile pile of boxes crumbling! It then shows the good and bad! 
The really sad part, I never knew MY boxes were so fragile !!!!! ={  The wreck last year was another example of fragile boxes here!
I am learning every day how much more fragile my boxes are!!!!

Yesterday almost left me in tears many times! By the end of the day, I was for a long while. But today, I conquer the MY world!
I truly believe that my God has the answers to all! He will get me through. He will reveal the boxes I should see in just the right time. I just have to wait!!!! :/  All boxes are prepared and waiting for their great revealing to this small tiny box in a great big world of unknowns.

As I close this emotional “Toss It Tuesday”,
I go back to Saturday when I did not know the box had arrived that would change the way I see my world and enjoy the precious moment I watched our precious K walk the isle to change from daddy’s princess to her husband’s queen! I watched my precious A be her flower girl in her first formal event.  They both beamed more brightly than the sun outside.  They were gorgeous and happy!!  The way all little girls should be all the days of their little lives!

Let me know what you are “tossing” this Tuesday!


Today, I am using the analogy of boxes.  My world is filled with some that are 40+ years old and just now being shown to me and opened.

We all have boxes in our lives. Some are pretty and brightly colored that have been well taken care of. Others are well loved on. They have rounded corners and hand prints all over them. The tape is torn and won’t stick anymore.

Some of us have rooms full of them and have not even opened SO MANY of them. Many of them for various reasons.  The reasons could be they were to busy to enjoy the contents. It could be they were to fearful to know the contents because the box arrived very smelly. Or they just arrived an inconvenient time?  It could be that there are so many boxes piled between you and the ones behind those that you never really looked for anymore.

I think of this season, at this moment, like my Amazon orders.  Those that know me, know I order A LOT a TON from there.  It is an easy way for me to stay on budget and task. PLUS, I don’t have to go fight crowds! 😉  A friend teases me, “Is there anything you can’t buy on Amazon?”.  I know she loves me very much because she has been my go to during this last box EXPOLSIONS! 😀

Some boxes come in just like we ordered.  They make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!  You smile from ear to ear from the time you hear the UPS truck till the moment that the contents are all used and you have to order more!
Some come in so broken that we are not sure what to do next? You are not even sure that customer service will know what to do with them??? 😦
Some come that are wrong, but they were so cheap that sending it back would cost more than the initial purchase. BUT they usually leave a sense of emptiness when they are all used up.  Some even cause more chaos due to the inexpensive quality!  Cheap and compromise is not always a good thing!
Some come with so many little ones inside you have to have a diagram to figure out how they each connect and relate to the main box.
Some we just refuse to accept at the door all together! They are stinky and bad looking. You know you don’t want to let them over the threshold because you will be cleaning that mess up for weeks, maybe even years to come!


Now to what sparked this thought process/analogy: There was ONE little box last week I sought out to find and open. Then there were two more that I sought. Now there are about 22!  One even arrived yesterday that I wish I had returned to sender!  I will be cleaning up from it for a long time!  One came in Saturday that I think will be a very good one?!

BUT How on earth did ONE BOX grow to so many???  Time will reveal that to me in the coming weeks, I can only have faith & HOPE!

Until then, I stand in MY faith that God is the creator of all and will carry me through this land of “boxes”!  He will protect me and my family from ALL harm. He will protect those around me that are and will become important to me in the future from ALL harm.  I will choose rest in His promises.

Here are some of my comforts in times like these!
What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?  Romans 8:31
Another verse that offers some anxiety relief at 2:30am!!! Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you. 1 Peter 5:7  This one puts this hymn in my head:

There’s not a Friend like the lowly Jesus:
No, not one! no, not one!
None else could heal all our souls’ diseases:
No, not one! no, not one!
Jesus knows all about our struggles;
He will guide ’til the day is done:
There’s not a Friend like the lowly Jesus:
No, not one! no, not one!
No friend like Him is so high and holy,
No, not one! no, not one!
And yet no friend is so meek and lowly,
No, not one! no, not one!
There’s not an hour that He is not near us,
No, not one! no, not one!
No night so dark, but His love can cheer us,
No, not one! no, not one!
Did ever saint find this Friend forsake him?
No, not one! no, not one!
Or sinner find that He would not take him?
No, not one! no, not one!
Was e’er a gift like the Savior given?
No, not one! no, not one!
Will He refuse us the bliss of heaven?
No, not one! no, not one!


Tell me what you guys are “tossing this Tuesday”!


I have a love hate relationship with summer!  I am enjoying the cool mornings of littles playing in the playard without direct supervision, most of the time. 😉  I am enjoying the lighter appointment schedule.  I just wish I would have budgeted to open our pool this summer! 😦

We got to enjoy an adventure to a JellyStone park a few weeks back.  It was very cool, but over priced.


The kids really enjoyed life that weekend!  We were celebrating my mom’s family.  We even got to take the 7 youngest kids fishing for the first time.

His attempts to catch one!

FINALLY!!! Dad to be the awesome net man! Littles cheering him on!

my brother

My brother being the AWESOME uncle to expose the kids to some down home “fear factor” / puke your guts up! Love that boy! BTW, it worked!

fish petting

“PETTING” Aunt Jo’s fish! Aunt Jo was a “show off”! HEHE


Poor son having to bait his own hook! Uncle A did it the first few times, but mom said, “you fish, you learn to bait your own hook!”. It was touch and go with breakfast staying in his stomach for a few moments there!!! :/

show off

Had to have a group photo with the “Catches of the Day”. Uncle A and Aunt J with 3 weighing in at 3.9# CB with 2 weighing in at 3.8# Not a bad first experience!!!!!

Let me know what your family is tossing this summer!!!!



“TOSS IT TUESDAY” Rant on Fetal Alcohol

As a mom to 4 FAS kids, I think I have a  bit of a clue??? I THINK! 
I was out and about the other day and was listening to some and it really struck me that moms of these babes don’t have a clue.  I KNOW I didn’t 2 years ago.  I have searched, pined, asked, read, prayed and just wondered so much.  I have sat in neuro path classes, heard doctors speak, read journals from FAS kids, you name it, I have probably at least considered it.

Back the listening, this mom said that she just could not see her daughter ever doing much.  Maybe a good technical school??? REALLY???? My heart sunk BROKE!   This mom was setting her kid up to not succeed before the child had a chance.  It was heart breaking!  Now keep in mind that 2 of my 6 littles I am not sure will ever be able to live 100% independent.  BUT I will do everything I can to set them up to succeed!!!!  I will live in the realities of their brain damage and do my best to help them form new neuro paths to overcome some of the basic hurdles.  I KNOW I cannot FIX them!  I can help them!  I can establish a routine that teaches them self and home maintenance. I can teach them how to do basic cooking along with reading and writing so they can function outside my home. 

I have seen many function with down syndrome, chromosome disorders and even flat MR outside in the real world.  It is the family behind these that set them up to succeed! Today’s rant is just that!   SET THEM UP!!! Create that safety net these kids need!  LEARN IT, PRACTICE IT, LIVE IT! 

I follow this guy on Facebook,

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Forever w/ Jeff Noble

He is AMAZING!  Many don’t like that he teaches, SET THEM UP FOR SUCCESS!  I love it! To me, that is what God wants from me as mom and from our family unit!  Here is today’s post:

“The best outcomes for people with Fetal Alcohol come from making sure they CAN. Ask yourself “am I setting them up for success or failure?” If you’re not sure of the answer, trust your gut.”

Having 9 children that are entrusted to me full time, I have learned that you can only do better when you know better.  My older 3 children suffered a lot from my ignorance.  I was the best mom I KNEW how at that time.  I am learning more about each of my children every day.  My little FAS and FDE babes have taught me to always follow MY instinct and not the way of the world!  The world is for the world and mom’s guidance should always seek to protect them and SET THEM UP FOR SUCCESS! 🙂


Here is their “self” portraits from yesterday.  We are making progress!



Thanks for reading through today’s rant!   Let me know what you are Tossing this Tuesday?

“TOSS IT TUESDAY” The changing of seasons!

Here in Jonesville, we have several seasons changing!  So let me tell you a quick few words on each!

Most exciting, our oldest daughter is having a new baby!  She is due end of December to first of January.  A true steal your heart moment!!! I am thinking I want to be called “gigi” or “nanny”.  For now, my little chickpea is doing well and we have plenty of time to figure out my “name”. I am just too young to be “GRANDMA”! LOL  I did score her a crib on Saturday.  Thankfully! It is PRETTY, safe and durable for my little chickpea!

Next exciting thing, our oldest son did well on ACT and his diploma arrived. Yep, another is finished with my day to day school guidance!  Thankfully!  We will have a small gathering the week we leave for our family reunion.  Right now, he is enjoying a much needed vacation in tiny town, Wyoming with his best friend!

Another adventure that is winding down, foster family status.  We gave notice on our last bonus babe yesterday.  She will move BY the first week of June.  We are ramping up to start our “new normal” as a family of 11 plus a bonus boy & chickpea! HEHE 
June marks 5 years of us working the front lines and helping over 36 kids directly in our home and about 25 through our extended support system. 

It has been many a day of questioning our reasoning and many day of bountiful blessings.

For the first time in 5 years, I can say, LET’S DO THIS!    I know God has provided WAY more mercy and grace to this sinful momma through this time and covered HIS children from my blunders.  I will gladly keep my teaching and support positions for those working those tireless front lines. I will forever have a place in my heart for those families that do this service that in the world’s eyes is pointless.  For I know they are earning jewels for that wonderful crown above! 

God was very clear in James when HE gave instructions to the BELIEVER:

James 1:27

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.
Now as we end this season, remember we are EACH called to a certain thing for a certain season! 

Ecclesiastes 3

King James Version (KJV)

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

For this “TOSS IT TUESDAY”, tell me what seasons are ending and beginning at your house!


“TOSS IT TUESDAY” Chore charts for littles.

I wanted to make my little ones chore charts that worked for US. I did some searching for icons, pictures, PECS, what ever you choose to call them!!! I found a great and creative mom over at

Her blog was JUST what I needed to conquer this mountain voyage I was starting.  Let’s get started on my voyage!

Here we go!


I am so excited with how it came out for my family! I do hope we can make it work for us!  I placed them on the bottom of our medicine cabinet. Yes, the cabinet with double locks and separate keys. 😉  Yes, we are still a foster family for this season. So those locks are fixtures!

Note all the clutter and dust bunnies that I worked around.  This is something that was not my style, but I don’t have the energy to be super squeaky clean mom 20 years into this adventure!  I would much rather focus my energy on making something fun for my kids or teaching them something…..Like “it is okay!”.  There is no mold and if we vacuum like the chore chart says, they won’t be in the next set of pictures to embarrass us!  😀  I know there are many moms out there today needing just that!  I know, because I just spoke to myself!  My husband has been gone since Saturday and it has been interesting with 9 kids and solo mom!  A puker, beds and floor sanitation from the puker, daily life, new chore list (to help me, right?), emotions and needs.  AND they insist on being fed 3 times a day still!!!!!! Really???? What is up with that?!  Thankfully, my littles love peanut butter sandwiches or tortillas when mom is on 3 hours sleep or anytime!

Not very much, but very meaty!

I do hope that your “Toss it Tuesday” is going well!  The wind is blowing only about 30-40mph today, so we will make it!  Thankful for no tornadoes and prayers for all of those affected by Sunday’s devastation!

CHORES, I can love them or HATE them!

I had this bug bite today that while daddy is away, momma will try to get a chore system going with the littles!

I have read many moms blogs that speak on chores and most don’t start till age 6.  Well, this momma has 7 UNDER age 6 and 2 teens that have a computer virtual world! 😦  When my older 3 were little, we all just worked where mom said. Now, it is a bit more challenging with staff and schedules.

On another note—Yes, I know, I allowed those monsters to be created….so I need to just HUSH! I will HUSH on the teens and focus on the training of the littles so that I can hopefully avoid a few of the current valleys I am walking with those wonderful precious teens!  Their chores will be my focus another day!   

This season,  here we go!
I found this great blog that has some great icons that I fell in LOVE with them!!!!  She is amazing with the graphs and charts.  They are simple, yet OH SO PERFECT for MY family!

I am going to be working on this for my next “TOSS IT TUESDAY” post and I hope to be on time this week!

Check back to see the process and the end results.  Then follow more to see if it REALLY worked out????